Brief biography

Manohar Chiluveru’s artistic repertoire includes large-scale live painting events, sculpture and public installations; he works mainly with the mediums of Oil, Acrylics, Digital and mixed media, assemblages and other varied mediums that depend on his work’s context.

At the core of his work lies the process of self-discovery that becomes a channel to extend art in the context of public and social relevance. His projects reflect themes related to everyday life, the human condition, nature and researched references of cultural and other histories in seen through the contemporary lens.

His home land, the Gates of Kakatiya and the Kakatiya dynasty historical sculptures were his first great inspiration as a school boy. Later, during his academic study, he admired and was inspired by Western and Indian masters, both. He left an education in Commerce to pursue his artistic inclinations. He graduated in sculpture and did a postgraduate degree in printmaking under artist K. Laxma Goud. He was selected by Lalit Kala Academy Chennai as one among three selected "Best of south India" artist recognition ( 2001). He has spent the last decade traveling extensively and creating links between his home town and the globe.

Chiluveru was born and brought up in Warangal, once a capital city of Kakatiya dynasty in South India and

currently lives and works in Hyderabad. Beginning with his current series "Odyssey" he aspires to create a new-wave Biennale in the coming years – philosophically titled "Kriya Biennale" (kriya meaning power of thought).

Selected projects:

* Painting event in Warangal:  "UNTITLED"
size 24.4 x 67.7 feet, (2002)
("Bombing becomes child's play" - Peace and Environmental issue are articulated)

*Travel Art Project: Senses - 'Enigmatic Senses' - Crossings, 2006 -9

*'Trance - Existence' 2009

*'Metamatters' - 2013  Solo show at Salar Jung museum

* 'Amor' - 2014 with Alliance Francaise

*'Possible - effects' - 2015 (Come to think of it, ignorance can be as destructive as a nuclear explosion)